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nothoughts : its difficult to stop thinking
Sunday, August 20, 2006
this weekend i wanted to take it easy. all i wanted was to do no work. i physically did not do any work. but my mind kept working. i was stationary, i did not move a limb. my mind was still generating random thoughts. i was doing work.

For the first time this thought crossed my mind. can i chose to have no thought?! atleast for a while!.

The closest i could get was ,  i can chose to keep my thought about ONE thing - i can concentrate.
 i can chose to move from one thought to another, if i dont it will move anyways ;).

i am destined to think. there is no concious way i can stop  thoughts even if i wanted to. so if someone tells me 'u dont think' or 'why cant u think?'   they better think again.

in my field of work there is not much physical work , its more of mind work. for physical excersion i can choose to give rest to my physical parts by doing nothing. But i cant do the same with my mind. it has to think. The only rest i can give to my mind, is to make it think of something else. so
its only a rest from one thought process and not rest in the physical sense.

i am involuntarily sleepy just to make me rest. i feel fresh when i wake up. does it mean i was not thinking! or was i just thinking about something else.

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